OUT 10/2021


October 25th: WINTER leaves Drakkar

Drakkar Entertainment and WINTER have agreed to end their partnership. The release of the PALE HORSE album did not turn out as expected. Thanks to all at Drakkar, it was not your fault - you did what you could. I know sometimes the music industry nowadays is like fighting windmills… The vinyl retrospective LOOKING BACK will be released on our own label FULL CAST AUDIO again. SOULFOOD MUSIC - of course - will remain our worldwide DISTRIBUTOR. And maybe another label will step in… time will tell. 

July 23rd: We filmed the videos for "MERCY" and "DARK LIGHT". It was a lot of fun. " Thanks to Jörg and his team as well as Marcel Rauer and Janna Köhler. "DARK LIGHT" will be released on August 6th. And it will be dark and bloody...

June 30th: Two more videos confirmed. Markus will work with director Jörg Tochtenhagen from BOB MEDIA this time. The videos for the songs "MERCY" and "DARK LIGHT" will be done in July. 

June 25th: "Pale Horse" VIDEO released: WATCH NOW!

June 18th: Trailer for PALE HORSE video released: WATCH NOW!

June 15th: VIDEO SHOOT for "Pale Horse" is done. Great work with wonderful people. Thanks Rainer ZIPP Fränzen and team for an exciting weekend. Post-Production has started. VIDEO will be released on June 25th.

May 25th:  VIDEO for  first single „Pale Horse“ will be dirceted by Rainer „ZIPP“ Fränzen. (who produced videos for LEAVE’S EYES, ORDAN OGAN. GRAVE DIGGER, SHELMISH and many, many others). Single and VIDEO will be out on June 25th 2021! STAY TUNDED!!!

May 11th: Back Catalogue will soon be remastered by Michael Schwabe for re-release later this year

May 06th: First Single "Pale Horse" will be released on June 25th 2021

April 10th: WINTER signs with Drakkar Entertainment